New appears in the Music Music menu bar if you’re a member of Apple Music. New showcases the best recommendations from music experts.

Browse expert recommendations. Highlight a featured album, artist, music video, or playlist, then press the Touch surface to view it. Select a song to play it. Press and hold the Touch surface to show a menu with more options. Depending on the song, you can create a station, add it to a playlist or My Music, or remove it from My Music.

Browse your favorite genres. Select All Genres, choose a genre, then select a featured album, song, artist, or playlist to hear music handpicked by music experts.

Fit the music to the mood. Select Activity Playlists to play music that fits with what you’re doing or how you’re feeling.

Get expert advice. Select Apple Editors Playlists or Curators Playlists to discover music recommended by music experts.

See what’s hot. Swipe to browse categories such as Top Charts or Spotlight On, where you can view top songs, top albums, and other popular content.