For You

For You appears in the Music Music menu bar if you’re a member of Apple Music. Apple Music suggests curated playlists and albums, based specifically on your tastes.

Browse music custom-picked for you. Highlight an album or playlist, then press the Touch surface to view it. Select a song to play it. If you find a recommendation you don’t care for, press and hold the Touch surface and tell Music that it’s not to your taste.

Tell Music what you love. To help improve future recommendation, select the Love button Love button when viewing an album’s contents, a playlist, or an artist’s screen, or select I Love This Song in the list of More button More button options in Now Playing.

Add an album or playlist to My Music. Select the Add button Add button. The playlist remains in My Music, and updates automatically if the playlist changes.

Get more playlist options. While viewing a playlist’s contents, select the More button More button to shuffle, play next, add music to the Up Next queue, create a station based on the currently selected music, or add the playlist’s songs to your own playlist.

Get more song options. Highlight a song in a playlist, then press and hold the Touch surface to see more options. Depending on the song, you can view the album, flag it as a song you love, play it next, add it to the Up Next queue, start a station, add it to My Music, add it to a playlist, or remove it from the current playlist.