Restrict who can watch what

You can configure Apple TV to restrict certain content so only authorized users can watch or make purchases. This is referred to as parental controls. You can restrict a variety of content and activities, such as:

  • Purchasing movies, TV shows, and apps

  • Making in-app purchases

  • Playing iTunes movies or TV shows based on content ratings

  • Opening apps based on age ratings

  • Viewing content identified as explicit

  • Playing multiplayer games in Game Center

  • Adding friends in Game Center

  • Changing AirPlay or Location settings

Note: Restrictions may not apply to 3rd-party apps. To restrict 3rd-party content, adjust the settings for the individual apps either inside the apps, or in Settings Settings app icon, go to Apps.

To set or override restrictions, you must enter the passcode.

Turn on restrictions. In Settings Settings, go to General > Restrictions and turn on Restrictions. You’ll be asked to enter a 4-digit passcode.

Once you enter and verify the passcode, restrictions and other options in the Restrictions menu are enabled.

Change the passcode. In Settings Settings, go to General > Restrictions. Select Change Passcode, enter the current passcode, then enter the new passcode.

Configure what types of content are restricted. In Settings Settings, go to General > Restrictions, and enter the passcode if required. You can restrict iTunes Store purchases and rentals, allowed content types, Game Center settings, and other settings.

You must first turn on restrictions in order to configure the Restrictions settings. To access restricted content, you must enter the passcode each time.

Remove all restrictions. You can temporarily disable all restrictions and reenable them later. In Settings Settings, go to General > Restrictions, select Restrictions, enter the passcode, then set Restrictions to Off.

If you use Family Sharing, you can also use your iOS device to limit the content your family members can buy—including enabling Ask to Buy, which lets your kids purchase items only with parental approval. For more, see Family Sharing.