Sleep or wake Apple TV

Apple TV is ready for you to watch at any time, and automatically goes to sleep after a preset period of inactivity.

Wake Apple TV from sleep. Press the Play/Pause button, Home Home button, Siri Search button, or Play/Pause Play/Pause button button on the Siri Remote. A small light glows on the front of Apple TV. Apple TV wakes and displays whatever was last visible.

Put Apple TV to sleep. When you’re done, you can just shut off your television or receiver. Apple TV falls asleep after a period of inactivity.

Set the delay before sleep starts. To set how long Apple TV waits before going to sleep, in Settings Settings, go to General > Sleep After.

Force Apple TV to sleep now. Press and hold the Home button Home button, then select Sleep.

Or in Settings Settings, go to General, and select Sleep Now.