Control what’s playing

Whether you’re watching a TV show or a movie, you’re in control.

Play or pause. Press the Touch surface or press the Play/Pause button Play/Pause button.

Show controls on the screen during playback. Press the Play/Pause button Play/Pause button or rest your finger on the Touch surface. A status indicator appears showing elapsed and remaining time. The solid bar indicates how much of the item is cached (temporarily downloaded on Apple TV). You can still jump ahead of the cached area and begin playback from there.

Playback status indicator

Preview video on the playback timeline. During playback, press the Touch surface to pause playback and show the preview window, then swipe left or right to move back or forward in time. Press the Touch surface again to start playback at the new position, or press the Menu button button to cancel and resume playback at the original position.

Skip backward or forward 10 seconds. On the Touch surface, press left or right to skip backward or forward. Press again to skip another 10 seconds.

Rewind or fast forward. While playing, on the Touch surface, press left or right and hold to rewind or fast forward. Release to resume playback.

Get more info. Swipe down to show the Info panel. Swipe left or right to switch between panels.

Turn on subtitles and closed captioning (if available). Swipe down to show the Info panel, then swipe right to show the Subtitles panel. Then swipe down and select the option you prefer.

Subtitles menu during playback