Use Zoom to magnify the image on Apple TV. You use the Touch surface on the remote to control Zoom and to pan around the zoomed image.

Turn Zoom on or off. In Settings Settings, go to General > Accessibility > Zoom. Or, use the Accessibility Shortcut. See Accessibility Shortcut.

Zoom in or out. With Zoom turned on, press the Touch surface three times. Any item you highlight is automatically magnified.

Move the zoom focus. Tap the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the Touch surface to move in that direction by one screen item.

Adjust the magnification Tap the Touch surface and drag up or down with two fingers. To limit the maximum magnification, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > Maximum Zoom Level.

Turn panning on or off. Tap the Touch surface with two fingers.

Pan to see more. While panning, drag your finger on the Touch surface.

Speak the currently selected screen item. Press the Siri button Zoom twice.