Get Started
Set up accounts, Set up Apple TV, Siri Remote, Overview.

Status light, Sleep or wake Apple TV, Screensavers, Stream content using AirPlay, Use the Siri Remote, Switch between apps quickly, Customize the Home screen, Adjust audio, Control what’s playing, Manage your apps.

Turn Siri on or off, Read onscreen labels and change settings, Other things you can ask Siri, Refine search results, View search results, Search movies and TV shows, Talk to your Apple TV.

iTunes movies and TV shows
iTunes Movies and TV Shows settings, Find and watch iTunes movies or TV shows.

App Store
Purchase and download apps, Find apps, App Store at a glance.

Set photos as a screensaver, Create a slideshow, View photos and videos.

Music settings, Search for music, Playlists, My Music, Radio, New, For You, Now Playing, Music at a glance.

Home Sharing
View photos from your computer on Apple TV, Stream content using Home Sharing.

Search in a specific app, Select a search result, Search by text.

Beyond Basics
Troubleshooting, Change the language or region format, Change network settings, Use a universal remote to control Apple TV, Control your home entertainment system with the Siri Remote, Connect Bluetooth devices to Apple TV, Adjust video and audio settings, Family Sharing, Share Apple TV with multiple users, Manage storage.

Zoom, VoiceOver, Reduce screen motion, Increase the screen contrast, Closed captions and subtitles, Bold text, Audio descriptions, Accessibility Shortcut, Accessibility features.

Safety, handling, and support
Apple and the environment, ENERGY STAR® compliance statement, Disposal and recycling information, Canadian regulatory statement for Apple TV, FCC compliance statement for Apple TV, Apple TV Support site, Important safety and handling information.